Stock Quote Add-In for Excel 2013

I have developed a new version of the popular ‚MSN-like Stock Quotes Add-In For Excel 2007‘ for Excel 2013. The user defined function PSQ is exactly the same as in previous version, but it will retrieve stock data asynchronously. This makes the Excel user interface more responsive to user actions, especially if you have to query for a lot of stock symbols.

You may download source and binary files from the Codeplex site:

PMStockQuote-Screenshot-About PMStockQuote-Screenshot-Update

NOTE: I do not have the time to provide support for this tool. You should read carefully the README.txt with installtion instructions.

Update: Installer for MSN-like Stock Quotes Add-In For Excel 2007

I finally created a Windows-Installer for the Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel 2007 (see article here).

You can download the installer here, he modified source code here.

For more details and instructions how to use the add-in please check out the article I have written.

IMPORTANT: Before using the add-in you should check if the installation has been executed correctly. Open the Excel 2007 options dialog and click the menu item Add-Ins. The list active add-ins should contain the „ Stock Quotes Function Add-In“ (COM-Add-In) as well as the „ Stock Quotes UI Add-In“ (COM-Add-In). Then open the „Excel-Add-In“ dialog by pressing the button on the Add-Ins dialog window (see button on the bottom of the dialog). Then check if the Add-In „ParagoStockQuote.Functions“ is available in the list and is marked. If not add it to the list and mark it.