Update: Installer for MSN-like Stock Quotes Add-In For Excel 2007

I finally created a Windows-Installer for the Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel 2007 (see article here).

You can download the installer here, he modified source code here.

For more details and instructions how to use the add-in please check out the article I have written.

IMPORTANT: Before using the add-in you should check if the installation has been executed correctly. Open the Excel 2007 options dialog and click the menu item Add-Ins. The list active add-ins should contain the „Parago.de Stock Quotes Function Add-In“ (COM-Add-In) as well as the „Parago.de Stock Quotes UI Add-In“ (COM-Add-In). Then open the „Excel-Add-In“ dialog by pressing the button on the Add-Ins dialog window (see button on the bottom of the dialog). Then check if the Add-In „ParagoStockQuote.Functions“ is available in the list and is marked. If not add it to the list and mark it.

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